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"Surgery Not Included  is an exciting book that reveals the actuality and success of a non-surgical treatment, DRS Protocol ™, for severe disc conditions.  Dr. Busch is helping patients around the world by sharing his knowledge. This is a must read and then take it to your doctor."
- Jaclyn Touzard, Editor

"Your common and no nonsense approach to the treatment of herniated and degenerative disc conditions is amazing. It’s astonishing that so many people are still opting for surgery when there is such an innovation in treatment."
- Jack Mochamer, Attorney at Law

"Dr. Richard Busch’s straight forward style in Surgery Not Included focuses on the story of pain and that there can be a successful outcome when treating low back and neck pain with the DRS Protocol™ His experience and ability to help patients avoid invasive procedures have come from his professional dedication to help the sick and suffering."
- Dr. William Kelly

"Surgery not Included covers what may prove to be the single greatest breakthrough in the treatment of low back and neck pain to come along this century. In my opinion, the DRS Protocol™ represents a new non-surgical standard of care for serious low back and neck pain sufferers."
- Dr. John Ashton

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